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Compose your

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No Limits
Easily design and assemble your perfect message.
Crystal Clear
Assign order and length to your messages, and choose transitions to go between them.
Be Heard
Choose the ideal times, days, and occasions to display each of your messages.
Less Work For You
Monitor all of your players and messages right from the software!
Free Updates For Life
Noventri Suite serves as the traffic controller for all of your messages and the players that they play on.


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Noventri Suite™: An Overview
Noventri Suite™, the companion software to the Noventri SF-200, can be installed on as many of your computers as you wish. Noventri Suite™ makes it easy to create content in resolutions all the way up to 1920x1200! Add multiple region types, including text, image, & clock regions to design stellar layouts. Each region supports transparency and can overlap other regions to create interesting effects. Create anti-aliased text from any font available on your system and apply various styles to make the text pop. Import industry standard image formats including .jpg, .png, and .bmp (PNG is recommended in Noventri Suite because of transparency support and small file size). Once your pages are created, put them together in the easy to use Time-Line interface to create your sequences.

Playback your sequences on either your main or secondary monitor. Noventri Suite™ can function as a stand-alone simple digital signage player with output that looks as good as your computer and monitor; although some features, such as scheduling, transitions, and database features are functions that are performed by the Eco-Series™ line of Noventri players. See the comparison chart below.





PC Required for Playback check
PowerPoint™ Import check check
Unlimited Independent Regions check check
Transparency Support check check
Layered Regions check check
Graphic Region check check
Text Region check check
Rotation & Orientation Tools check check
Full Text Control check check
Link to External Data Source check
Read Text & Images From A Folder check
Animated Transitions check
NewMarket Delphi Compatibility check
Dynamic Pages check
Monitor Control via RS232 check
Sneaker Net USB Publishing check
Power Loss Recovery check
Player Management check
Content Scheduling check
User Accounts check
Content Control Over Internet check
Emergency Alert System (Coming Soon)* check
RSS Feeds check
HTML Web-Viewer Region check

* Features listed as "Coming Soon" will be added to Noventri Suite later at no charge.