Manufacturing Data Display and Industrial Digital Signage

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Manufacturing Data Display – Automate. Increase Productivity. Build Reliability.

How do you display your metrics? Paper printouts or white boards? LED Scoreboards at each production line? Or perhaps you’ve thought about deploying a manufacturing data display to show your production stats in different areas of your plant. Our Manufacturing Data Display supports your LEAN manufacturing initiatives with real-time production metrics and inventory figures right on your plant floor.

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By communicating directly with your existing database (even data from multiple sources) and displaying it on strategically located screens, our manufacturing data display provides your employees and floor managers with consistent and accurate information when they need it.

  • Automate — Automated, real-time data provides your employees and floor managers with consistent and accurate information when they need it, from available sources such as SQL, Excel, HTML, XML and other ODBC compliant applications.
  • Increase Productivity — Presenting KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to those on the production floor creates a healthy environment of competition and situational awareness that results in increased productivity, efficiency and morale.
  • Build Reliability — Use 98% less electricity than PC-based solutions, allowing you to outfit your location without the worry of high operation cost. Additionally, our products are tested in the harshest of environments. Read the test results from when our player was put up against the Manufacturing Test.

“Installing a Noventri digital sign in our lobby was the one thing I did last year that everyone is still cheering about. Compared to all other digital signage companies out there, Noventri is the best in the business. Folks that aren’t using Noventri’s digital players don’t know what they are missing.”

Brent Hampton

MIS Manager, Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc

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