Commercial Grade Digital Signage Displays

Commercial Grade Screen
Commercial Grade Screen
Commercial Grade Screen

Your message is important…so is your Digital Signage Display.

If you want your Digital Signage Display to be:

  • Reliable
  • Viewed from any angle without distortion
  • Mounted vertically (Portrait Mode)
  • Operated 24/7 or for long periods of time
  • Protected by a longer warranty
  • Consistent among other LCDs of the same model
  • Fully functional with the Digital Signage Player

…then a Commercial Grade LCD is a must-have.

Using a Commercial Grade LCD for your digital signage display is an important component of your entire project. After all, it is what displays the message you have worked so hard to share.

Noventri engineers have extensively tested many models of Commercial Grade LCDs to make sure that they will meet all the requirements of a digital signage application. Consumer TVs have also been tested and are not recommended. While they do cost less, they are not designed for use as digital signage. Please see Screen Dilemma – Consumer or Commercial Grade? for more information.

Call Noventri for a quote on Commercial Grade LCDs today!


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