“Can I just buy TV screens from a department store and use them for digital signage displays?”

Of course, you can. You can also use a porcupine for a seat cushion. Either choice presents you with certain and specific pains.  (See below: 7 Reasons Consumer Screens Are NOT For Digital Signage Use)Consumer or Commercial Grade Screens?

The main reason anyone even considers consumer grade is to try to save money.  However,  the price between consumer and commercial screens can be as little as a few dollars and the difference is shrinking all the time.  Is saving a few dollars up front really worth the risks?

Here is some food for thought. The last link between your message and your audience is your screens. That is why reliability is crucial. In the end, you can have the greatest content in the world but it makes no difference if no one can see it. Commercial grade screens are designed and built to handle the usage requirements of digital signage, hence providing the reliability needed to be successful.

Knowing how important screen selection is,  Noventri spends a lot of time vetting suppliers before we associate the Noventri name with them.  On rare occasions, you can find a company that has great products along with great support.  NEC  is one of those companies.  NEC screens have an amazing track record for being reliable.  They are the only screen supplier that has a 3-year onsite overnight warranty and their team is phenomenal.  Their focus is on providing great business products.  NEC does not even make consumer grade screens!  Since our clients expect personal communication and attention to detail,  having a company like NEC is a perfect fit.

Or we could sit on a porcupine. We made the right choice. We’re confident that you will, too.

7 Reasons Consumer Screens Are NOT For Digital Signage Use
1. If customers purchase the Consumer TV on their own, there is a high probability it won’t work correctly and they’ll be chasing problems which their digital signage supplier probably won’t be able to support.

2. Many manufacturers will NOT honor the warranty on Consumer TVs if they are used for professional or Digital Signage applications, even if purchased from a digital signage integrator.

3. Consumer TVs are not made for 24/7 operation. Even though many work just fine, it’s impossible to predict failure rate due to 24/7 operation.

4. There is almost no chance that the supplier will be able to find an identical model, even a few months later.

5. Consumer TVs can’t be mounted vertically (Portrait Mode) because they will overheat. Commercial grade screens have special venting and fans that make this possible. If a consumer screen is mounted vertically (Portrait Mode) you may also find that the screen may not be visible if standing anywhere but directly in front of the screen. The viewing angle is for consumer screens is engineered for the TV to be mounted above someone’s fire place or sitting on an entertainment center.

6. Power On/Off on Consumer TVs cannot be controlled with the Digital Signage Player; they’ll need to be turned On/Off manually.

7. The life of a Consumer TV is about half that of a Professional Digital Signage Display.

Are consumer grade screens a viable alternative?  Post your comments and questions below.

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