February 11, 2013 – Smithsburg, MD – With efficient and reliable communications at the forefront in bringing excellence to productivity and manufacturing, Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc. (ASCI), a leading provider of material handling equipment located in West Memphis, Arkansas, chose Noventri to provide a manufacturing technology solution for their plant to provide corporate communications.

ASCI is using the Noventri digital metrics displays to provide corporate communications for welcoming visitors, providing a historical background of the company, and highlighting the company’s website.

Installing a Noventri digital sign in our lobby was the one thing I did last year that everyone is still cheering about,” says Brent Hampton, MIS Manager at ASCI. “Compared to all other digital signage companies out there, Noventri is the best in the business. Folks that aren’t using Noventri’s digital players don’t know what they are missing.”

10 Advantages Of Using Digital Signage For Communications In Manufacturing, eBook

Noventri digital data displays are not just for corporate communications. They also allow monitoring of real-time, dynamic metrics in manufacturing and production line areas. Noventri manufacturing metric boards are:

  • Automated
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

Manufacturing facilities that use the Noventri Manufacturing Metric Display (MDD) find that they allow Shift Supervisors, Plant or Production Managers access to an efficient means of communicating pertinent plant and facility information automatically with no change in the collection methods of gathering such data. Noventri digital signage screens are simply linked to existing spreadsheets or ODBC compliant databases, like Excel, Oracle, SQL, and MySQL, and data is displayed automatically and dynamically on screens in front of personnel on the manufacturing floor or production line.

Screens in lobbies, such as ASCI, makes a ‘first impression’ for visitors, vendors and more by providing up-to-date corporate communications such as company news, identify brands supported at that particular facility, share the company’s community initiatives or provide simple way-finding for the facility. 

The Noventri Manufacturing Data Displays (MDD) increase productivity and play a significant role in healthy competition and situational awareness that creates improved efficiency and employee morale while supporting a LEAN strategy for manufacturing initiatives. By using 98% less electricity than PC-based solutions, Noventri digital displays eliminate the worry of high operation costs for automating data on the production line and other locations throughout the plant.

Noventri, a US digital signage solutions company, excels at automation, utilizing data based content, and establishing a stellar work-flow for a wide range of manufacturers. To learn more about how Noventri solutions can benefit manufacturing applications, visit the manufacturing articles section of Noventri’s website.

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