Commander - Cloud Based Digital Signage

Cloud based digital signage available on your mobile device.

Take your digital signage to a new level with Noventri Commander Online, a web-based interface for managing content on Noventri Digital Menu Boards, Digital Reader Boards and Door Cards, Andon Boards and Corporate Communications Displays. Commander is NOT a SaaS digital signage solution with a web version of digital signage creation software; instead, think of it as a remote control for your digital signage. It doesn’t get any easier.

System Requirements Any web enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Easy to Use — Simply log into your password protected account to modify your digital signage content.
  • Go Mobile — Make changes to your digital signage via any web enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone.



  • Stand-Alone — Commander operates independently from Noventri Suite Digital Signage software, thus giving users two distinct choices for managing digital signage content.
  • Full Reliability — Noventri will host and monitor your Noventri Commander Online interface at the Noventri Network Operations Center (NOC) for full reliability.

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