Noventri Supports Hotels Transitioning to Amadeus Sales and Event Management Solutions

Dec 9, 2019

Legacy versions of the Delphi property management system (PMS) are reaching end-of-life. Hotels using Delphi 9.5.5 and 9.6 will require a migration to a new PMS. For hotels with digital readerboards and door cards, Noventri provides a seamless transition to Delphi FDC and the new Amadeus sales and event management solution.

  • As of July 9, 2019, Microsoft no longer supports the underlying SQL components of Delphi 9.5.5 and 9.6
  • On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support the underlying Windows Server components
  • Beginning June 30, 2020, legacy versions of Delphi will receive no additional development. 
  • On June 30, 2021, Delphi will no longer be supported by Amadeus.

For hotels upgrading to Delphi FDC, Noventri works with Amadeus for a smooth transition. Noventri provides a tested and proven connection to Delphi FDC that keeps events displayed on digital readerboards and door cards (door side graphic displays). Noventri collaborates with hotels to evaluate screen content to ensure those screen design elements and event data are meeting current hotel requirements.

“We appreciate all your help! This has been a smooth upgrade for us!” said Michelle Murdock, Hotel Sales Director at Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa.

With Noventri, information from Delphi FDC can be displayed dynamically so that hotel guests stay aware. The Noventri digital readerboard and door card system make wayfinding easier for guests, without requiring additional work by hotel staff.

“Noventri has been a fantastic partner in helping us achieve the look and performance that we required for our screens. Having events displayed automatically has made our work easier,” said Mrs. Maude Viens, Director of Operations of Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal.

Hotels, casinos, conference and convention centers, and universities turn to Noventri for digital readerboards and door cards. When migrating to Amadeus Delphi FDC or any other property management system (PMS), Noventri makes the transition smooth and efficient. With Noventri, events are displayed directly from the PMS or event management system, including Marriott CI/TY, Amadeus Delphi, STS, Hotel SalesPro, ISAC, Knowland, and Delphi FDC. Noventri provides professional-grade LCDs, enclosures that match brand requirements and decor, robust and expandable software, and top-tier technical support. Noventri can also include sports, weather, news, and social media feeds on digital signage. With over 20 years of experience displaying events on digital readerboards and door cards, Noventri brings industry savvy and reliable systems that improve wayfinding and add new revenue streams.

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