Noventri Keeps Events Coming with Delphi FDC Upgrade at Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa

Dec 3, 2019

Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa offers an expansive Vegas-style casino, a wide range of restaurants, world-class hotel accommodations, and functional, elegant meeting spaces. When upgrading to the Delphi FDC property management system (PMS), Argosy relied on Noventri to keep automated events on digital readerboards and door cards (door side graphic displays).

Argosy, a Penn National Gaming entertainment venue, chose a Noventri upgrade to coincide with their conversion to the Amadeus sales and event management solution Delphi FDC. The Noventri partnership with Amadeus enabled a smooth transition while meeting Delphi FDC cloud-based event management requirements.

“We appreciate all your help! This has been a smooth upgrade for us!” — Michelle Murdock, Hotel Sales Director at Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa

Noventri delivers events from Delphi FDC on digital readerboards and door cards throughout the meeting space area. Additionally, Noventri provides simplified and coordinated restaurant menu digital signage complete with cloud-based scheduling, special notices features, and content management capabilities. These enhancements bring automation and ease-of-use features to reduce the workload of hotel staff while improving wayfinding for guests.

“We are excited about our ongoing partnership with Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa. With automated events from Delphi FDC and other property management systems, Noventri makes event communications effortless for staff while improving wayfinding for guests.”David Linetsky, Founder and CEO, Noventri

Venues like Argosy turn to Noventri for digital readerboards and door cards. Noventri makes the transition to Amadeus Delphi FDC smooth and efficient. Noventri provides event communications on digital readerboards and door cards for hotels, casinos, conference and convention centers, and universities. With Noventri, events are displayed directly from property management systems (PMS) or event management systems, including Marriott CI/TY, Amadeus Delphi, STS, Hotel SalesPro, ISAC, Knowland, and Delphi FDC. Noventri provides professional-grade LCDs, enclosures that match brand requirements and decor, robust and expandable software, and top-tier technical support. Noventri can also include sports, weather, news, and social media feeds on digital signage. With over 20 years of experience displaying events on digital readerboards and door cards, Noventri brings industry savvy and reliable systems that add new revenue streams, improve wayfinding, and reduce staff workloads.

About Noventri

Noventri – a division of Specialized Communications Corporation (est. 1978) – succeeds by simplifying the digital signage experience through solid automation and data-based content solutions. Noventri serves such names as Lockheed Martin, Fenway Park, Marriott CI/TY, and Pfizer in a wide range of industries worldwide. Noventri headquarters is located at 20940 Twin Springs Dr., Smithsburg, Maryland 21783-1510. URL: 

About Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa

A Penn National Gaming property, Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa is a world-class resort destination located just north of Kansas City, MO. The resort offers an expansive Las Vegas style casino, a wide range of quality restaurants, world class hotel accommodations, and functional, elegant meeting spaces. URL:

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