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Healthcare Digital Signage – Increase staff and patient communication while promoting hospital services and enjoy the the cost benefits.

Staff and Patient Communication -Healthcare Digital Signage/Electronic Bulletin Boards for the break room is one of the easiest ways to communicate to staff, especially if they are not opening corporate emails.  With the inclusion of graphics, QR Codes and other methods to engage the staff, internal initiatives will get across to those that need to have that information with a better retention rate then of a single opened email.   Getting important information across to patients is crucial during care. Displaying this information on the display already in the patient’s room is one way this can be done.  Implementing digital signage in common areas, Physical Therapy rooms and in the lobby are also good ways to keep the patients and families informed about hospital services.

Promoting Hospital Services – Does your hospital offer a bedside pharmacy? What about consultation services for the patient and family? Do you offer medical equipment such as walkers, canes, oxygen or other things that the patient may need before discharge? Most healthcare systems offer a multitude of services that most patients are not made aware of, which could help them post care. This information is ideal to present in the patient room or common area that can be accessed by family in an engaging way, which is what digital signage is able to achieve.

Cost benefits: Save Time and Resources – In an environment of healing, paper posters, hand written notes and hand drawn maps detract from the aesthetics of the hospital. However so much money is spent printing posters and leaflets as well as distributing them. Digital domain boards eliminate the wasted time, money and paper flyers that are plastered all over the hospital.   Digital signage not only makes these paper signs unnecessary, they reduce the amount of time it takes to update and replace outdated posters and flyers, which can be quite the task if you have a large hospital or network of hospitals.

healthcare digital signage
healthcare digital signage
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Safety Reminders and Metrics – Managers and staff are always looking for ways to stay safe and use the data they collect to make a positive impact on their healthcare organization. Healthcare digital signage can connect and display to the safety data metrics, HCAHPS scores, and other information that is already recorded by Informatics and other departments.  This information can be updated in real time to highlight pain points that need addressed and positive areas that deserve praise.

Waiting Areas – Every waiting room has a TV, why not put it to work. Set up a healthcare digital signage screen next to it, or create a digital signage channel specific to your healthcare organization so that your brand can be what those in the waiting room see, not day-time programming.

Wayfinding – Hospitals are generally not easy to find your away around. Wayfinding solutions are essential to a good patient and visitor experience. Typical wayfinding solutions vary from static maps with a directory list to interactive touch screen displays with access to a multitude of information in one place.   Depending on your healthcare network your wayfinding needs vary, but we can help plan and consult to your needs and the needs of the patients and families.

healthcare digital signage
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