Healthcare Digital Wayfinding

Heathcare Directory
Heathcare Directory

Its easy to find your way with healthcare digital wayfinding

Developed specifically for healthcare, we blend a custom touchscreen wayfinding solution and content package with a streamlined workflow for updating dynamic information on the screen for healthcare digital wayfinding. Everything is custom, including the enclosure, screen size and content.

Just touch where you want to go on the map, or the name of the location or event, and our healthcare digital wayfinding solution will show you how to get there.

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Eco Touch can interface with any of our approved data sources to make updates to your content automatically and be mounted via wall or floor standing kiosk.
Eco Touch Features Include:

• Customized Content and Enclosures
• Vast Range Of Screen Sizes
• Solid-State Player For Extended Use and Reliability
• ADA Compliant
• Compatible With Noventri Approved Data Sources
• Robust Data-Center Hosting And Monitoring
• 24/7 Technical Support

If touch screen isn’t the way you want to go, we also offer non-touch wayfinding solutions.  Our non-touch solutions are just as dynamic, custom and reliable.  Request information today to learn more.

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