Recently the Hagerstown Regional Airport purchased a digital signage solution from Noventri… the Noventri Flight Board, a technology that provides data feed of flight information displayed on digital screens via the Noventri Eco-Series SF-100e technology.

Passengers at Hagerstown Regional Airport are now catered to with digital screens that display dynamic flight information as well as availability of local ground transportation and various passenger services with new digital signage located at the main passenger terminal on Showalter Road in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Airport Director, Phil Ridenour is very pleased. He says, “We see this signage technology as a tidy and convenient way to keep our passengers better informed.”

The new signage has sparked creative thinking and Ridenour says the airport is thinking of other ways digital signage can be used in the airport. He says, “We’ve only just begun to explore its full potential.”

Flight boards such as those installed at the airport need not display only updated flight information; weather forecasts, public information messages, and emergency messages can all be a part of the immersive signage experience.

Local businesses located around airports, such as, restaurants and hotels, could also place ads on airport digital signage as well as car rental facilities and taxi companies.

The same Noventri Flight Boards used at the Hagerstown Regional Airport have been installed in hotels located near major airports to provide hotel guests with a direct feed of flight schedules within the hotel lobby. Guests are aware of delays and cancellations before actually leaving the hotel, which offers the hotel a chance to extend the guests’ stay and create additional revenue.

This same flight board technology need not be limited to flight schedules only. It can be deployed wherever there is need to display a dynamic schedule such as bus stations/bus stops or train stations/subways.
The same concept can be used to display schedules for just about any facility where there is a need for content feed that is constantly changing and can function dynamically with database links.

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