The Doubletree Hotel Dulles Airport deploys digital flight board to provide airport guests with departure flight information using the Eco-Flight Board from Noventri.
Smithsburg, MD, December 6, 2010 : The Doubletree Hotel Dulles Airport Sterling provides guests with dynamically updated flight information with the Eco-Flight Board, a digital flight board technology from Noventri.
Traveling guests stay abreast of departure times, delays, or cancellations before leaving for the airport as they view Doubletree’s Eco-Flight Board located in the hotel’s lobby. The screen provides a direct airport feed from Dulles Airport.
The digital flight board screen uses the Eco-Series SF-100e, a ‘green’, non-PC-based digital signage player manufactured by Noventri. Using less than four watts of power per screen, the Eco-Flight Board keeps energy consumption minimal. And since the Eco-Flight Board is a non-PC technology, it requires no maintenance, is easy to install and eliminates excessive wires, unsightly boxes and ventilation worries.
“Providing amenities that specifically address our guest’s needs is a priority,” says Ken Hilbert, General Manager at the Doubletree Dulles. “And with the Eco-Flight Board and direct data feed from Dulles Airport we can provide updated departures, delays and cancellations allowing guests to plan their trip accordingly. If there are cancellations and delays this allows the guests to wait out their time at the hotel, if necessary, rather then sitting needlessly in the airport.”
The Eco-Flight Board is a packaged digital signage product that comes with the a choice of LCD screen size, the Eco-Series SF-100e digital signage player, screen wall mount and necessary cables for easy installation.
For more information visit the Noventri website or contact Judy L. Hoffman, Public Relations & Marketing at 1-800-359-1858, ext. 211 or email at:

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