Noventri Digital Signage Server Software

Digital Sigange Server
Digital Sigange Server
Digital Sigange Server

Digital Signage Server Software That Does The Work For You!

While Noventri Suite™ serves as a content creation tool, Noventri Server™ is enterprise level digital signage server software, used by some of the largest brands in world. Noventri Server™, in essence, is the invisible traffic controller that broadcasts your content to your entire network of SF-200 Signage Players. By using Noventri Digital Signage Players, the full capabilities of Noventri Suite™ and Noventri Server™ are realized.

Noventri Server™ can be installed on the same computer as Noventri Suite™ for small networks, or on a separate dedicated computer or server for large networks. It simply runs in the background, with no human intervention required once initial setup is complete.


System Requirements

Noventri Suite and Noventri Server -Windows Operating System (Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 or above) -Pentium 4 Processor -10/100BaseT Ethernet port (if using networked players) -512 MB RAM -C++ Redistributable 2007 -138 MB available on disk for program files -Additional space on disk for content storage

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