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Get those creative juices flowing with Noventri Suite™, our enterprise-level digital signage software! The content displayed on the digital signage display is all controlled here, in the Noventri Suite™, the companion digital signage software to the Noventri SF-200.

NEW!  Noventri SuiteShop™ — Available in the latest software update, Noventri SuiteShop™ is the go-to spot to access free Noventri Suite assets to help build content.  These includes content templates and backgrounds for food services, Corporate Communications,  Manufacturing Environments and more. New content is added each month!

*To download a PDF of these Specifications, visit the Download section*

Output and Resolutionresolution Adjustable screen orientation (0, 90, 180, 270) Support for the following resolutions:1024×768, 1280×720, 1280×768, 1280×1024, 1366×768, 1600×1200, and 1920×1080
Multi-Region Displayregions •Create unlimited regions
•Independent regions
•Regions can be layered and overlapped
•Regions support transparency
•Regions are scalable
ImagesImage Formats •Import standard image formats (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .png)
(PNG is recommended in Noventri Suite because of transparency support and small file size)
•Read images from a drop folder anywhere on the network
•Ability to re-scale, crop, rotate and tile images
Digital ClockClock •Choose from multiple display formats (Date & Time)
•Choose multiple colors and sizes
•Create simple text effects
Text and DatabasingText and Databases •Manual text input
•Read text automatically from a text file
•Tab, comma, semi-colon, and user specified delimitations
•Read text from any installed fonts
•Choose multiple colors, sizes, and styles
•Create simple text effects
Time Linetimeline •Drag/insert pages into time line interface
•Time line interface is scalable in time
•Track duration of total time
•Entries can be scaled based on desired playback duration
Transition Effectstrasition effects Various transition effects for between pages
Schedulingcalander •Schedule pages as far into the future as you need
•Schedule unlimited projects per screen
•Ability to repeat weekly schedule indefinitely
•Ability to easily expand and repeat schedule entries
•Schedule as override to not disrupt your previous schedules
•Ability to schedule to individual screens or groups of screens
Managementmanagement •Monitor all players with playback thumbnails
•Instantly stop, start, or reboot player / screen
•Ability to edit player time zones
•Ability to edit player names and locations
•Turn off encryption / decompression for faster publishing
Groupinggrouping Devices can be grouped with simple check box interface
User Accountsuser accounts •Multiple users with unique logins / passwords can be set up
•User’s rights can be customized to only edit certain content
•Multiple users can work on the server simultaneously
Emergency Alerts*emergency alerts •Pre-configured emergency messages can be programmed
•Emergency messages can be triggered with a simple button
•Emergency messages can automatically play on all screens*Feature coming soon
System Requirements For Noventri Suite and Noventri Server- Windows Operating System (Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 or above)
•Pentium 4 Processor
•10/100BaseT Ethernet port (if using networked players)
•512 MB RAM
•C++ Redistributable 2007
•138 MB available on disk for program files
•Additional space on disk for content storage•Compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Surface.
Cost Contact us for pricing and licensing.
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  • Remote Management — Manage your digital signage from anywhere in the world, by using the enterprise-level features in the Noventri Suite™ digital signage software.
  • Content Creation — Noventri Suite™ digital signage software makes it easy to create content in resolutions up to 1920×1200. Add multiple region types, including text, image, & clock regions to design stellar layouts. Each region supports transparency and can overlap to create interesting effects. Create anti-aliased text from any font available on your system and apply various styles to make the text pop.
  • Schedule — Choose the ideal times, days and occasions to display each of your messages.
  • Manage — The entire network can be professionally managed with confidence feedback. Each player can be monitored with a thumbnail of what is actually playing on the display. You can reboot, start and stop each player, all from the Noventri Suite™ digital signage software.
  • Graphic Support— Import industry standard image formats including .jpg, .png, and .bmp (PNG is recommended in Noventri Suite because of transparency support and small file size).
  • Blu-ray Quality Video Playback — Full-Screen HD video playback that can be scheduled and looped.
Playback your sequences on either your main or secondary monitor.

Noventri Suite™ digital signage software can function as a stand-alone simple digital signage player with output that looks as good as your computer and monitor; although some features, such as scheduling, transitions, and database features are functions that are performed by the Eco-Series® line of Noventri players. See the comparison chart below.

Software with SF-200 Player
  • PC Required for Playback
  • PowerPoint™ Import
  • Unlimited Independent Regions
  • Transparency Support
  • Layered Regions
  • Graphic Region
  • Text Region
  • Rotation & Orientation Tools
  • Full Text Control
  • Link to External Data Source
  • Read Text & Images from a Folder
  • Animated Transitions
  • NewMarket Delphi Compatibility
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Monitor Control via RS232
  • Sneaker Net USB Publishing
  • Power Loss Recovery
  • Player Management
  • Content Scheduling
  • User Accounts
  • Content Control Over Internet
  • Emergency Alert System*
  • RSS Feeds
  • HTML Web-Viewer Region

* Features listed as “Coming Soon” will be added to Noventri Suite later at no charge.

Software Only
  • PC Required for Playback
  • PowerPoint™ Import
  • Unlimited Independent Regions
  • Transparency Support
  • Layered Regions
  • Graphic Region
  • Text Region
  • Rotation & Orientation Tools
  • Full Text Control
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