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Corporate Communications Definition

When was the last time you went on a trip and did not navigate using a GPS? We have come to rely on these devices to make sure we get from A to B. They help us get where we need to go and let us know of any course corrections or alternate routes we need to take, and even interesting locations along the way.

Where is your company headed? How does it plan to get there? Does everyone on your team know?

Most often, organizations are focused on extending their message and marketing efforts to their targeted customer base. Billions of dollars are spent on this endeavor. Internal corporate communications, though, provides a vital avenue for mapping out to all in your organization what direction you are taking, how you will get there, and pertinent information if there is a need to change course. Having the entire organization on board with the corporate vision leads to better production and, therefore, better profitability.
Let’s look at some tangible gains from having a corporate communications plan. It can give focus to the day-to-day activities, set priorities, provide a “big picture” outlook, and generate support across the entire organization. Team members feel included and integral to the forward growth of the company, giving them a sense of pride and determination to carry out their tasks.

Instead of employees asking “When will we get there? Do you know where we are going? “, good corporate communications keeps those answers in the forefront, measuring progress and achievements toward reaching company specific goals.

Corporate communications can also involve distributing safety updates and metrics, highlighting protocols and procedures for a better work environment. At times, there are other activities, benefits, and events that need announced company wide.

This could be anything from introducing new management, notification of upgrades to employee benefit packages, or the time and date of a company social event. The list of items that can be part of internal corporate communications is varied and ever growing. The purpose of this encompassing information campaign is to keep all in the organization on the same path, engaged in their responsibilities while providing the security of good leadership.

Thus, corporate communications can deeply affect the productivity of your team and ultimately your company.

The next big question: How can I distribute my corporate communications in the most effective manner?

Corporate Communications Strategy

Corporate communications strategy not living up to it’s expectations?

The newest smartphone with all the great features is rendered mostly useless if you are in an area with poor or no reception. Likewise, the best internal communications campaign can be all for naught if there is insufficient and ineffective methods used for distribution to your intended audience. Let’s examine some of the most common ways a corporate communications strategy is deployed.

Staff Meetings – This is a great way to build a team atmosphere and have face to face interaction with staff from within departments. Brainstorming sessions and discussion of how to implement new policies can be covered. The potential downsides are meetings can quickly derail from the intended purpose if not conducted efficiently and become a waste of time when those involved are not engaged.

Newsletter – Whether sent by email, posted on the company website or in printed form, a well assembled newsletter delivers important internal communications to all who read them. These must be published regularly and contain well thought out, informative articles laid out in an appealing, easy to read format.

Email/Text Messaging – With the prevalence of mobile devices and the internet, corporate communications can be sent out via these methods in mass quantity. In a fast, easy way, announcements and reminders can be sent out in “written” form so everyone has a personal copy. These methods do require that staff members are “connected” and can easily be dismissed or deleted. Thus, out of sight, out of mind.

Social Media- Social media has been seen as a forum for interacting with staff. This provides a way to post and receive input into the many facets that make up internal communications. One of the problems with this distribution channel is most social media sites are “open” and not secure. There is a risk of classified or restricted information leaking into the wrong hands.


A winning corporate communications strategy
Each organization needs to determine the needs of its intended audience and how best to handle internal communications within those parameters. The communication tool companies have found to be a necessity are digital corporate communications boards.

Corporate Communications

Internal Corporate Communications with digital signage has been one of the hottest trends for corporations, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and many other industries.

What are some uses for the Noventri Corporate Communications Display?

The quick answer is, anywhere there is a bulletin board or an employee that needs to be informed by corporate communications or corp comm groups.

Where does Noventri fit in to your corporate communications strategy?
It all starts with information that may already exist; corporate newsletters, memos, and advertisements. Even more information may be available from key groups within the organization which would contain valuable metrics or event schedules that would be key for the employees to see on an internal communications channel. Sources for such information include Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, or even a text file. With a number of commercial grade LCD screens, along with Noventri SF-200 players and Noventri Suite and Server software, your Corporate Communications Plan can be implemented in a way that you have never imagined.

Some examples for internal communications would be to broadcast:

• Corporate mission and vision statements
• Company news
• Company announcements
• Celebrate new hires
• Celebrate anniversaries
• Celebrate employee of the month or other employee commendation
• Corporate social networking announcements
• Corporate social networking metrics
• Upcoming corporate events
• Weather forecasts
• Current corporate advertisements
• Marketing strategy
• Safety messages
• Group goals
• Group metrics

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