NEC E425 & VESA Sleep Mode

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NEC E425 & VESA Sleep Mode

Post by sean_fairbanks »

We are using some NEC E425s at a remote site through a VPN, and the VESA mode doesn't seem to be working properly. The manual seems to indicate that these displays support VESA sleep mode.

The symptoms seems to be that they turn off as scheduled but are never turned back on. I'm currently having someone local check to make sure display isn't plugged in to an outlet on a light switch or that breakers aren't being flipped at night. However, I'm not sure if a power outage would break VESA sleep functionality. As I understand it, VESA sleep isn't actually a power off, it just kills signal to the display while keeping the unit nominally powered on. So losing power or being turned off would mean the VESA command can't function - it doesn't actually turn the unit on or off. Is that mostly correct?

If it's not the case that power is being lost overnight, is there any other testing we might do, or any known issues of this type?

Re: NEC E425 & VESA Sleep Mode

Post by Martin-Noventri »

Hi sean_fairbanks,

If the displays are not turning on/off at desired time, first check that the player's timezone is correct. Also, the screens may have a PowerSave feature where the screen will power off if content is not present. this needs to be deactivated for the VESA mode to function correctly.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Kind regards,
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