Database Formatting

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Database Formatting

Post by jbarnes »


I am in the process of linking an excel spreadsheet to my Noventri suite so data can be updated automatically. I am having an issue in that whenever a cell in my excel spreadsheet contains an apostrophe before it (like '0987), that cell with show up as blank in Noventri. How can I fix this to where Noventri will the show the content in every cell, no matter whether there's an apostrophe or not?

Thank You

Re: Database Formatting

Post by Martin-Noventri »

Hi jbarnes,

Thanks for the post.

By default, excel sees a number and tries to make it an integer , but there is no apostrophe integer value so that cell is omitted when passed through ODBC to us.

To remedy this, in the excel sheet, select everything in the entire column and format the cells to text. Then the numbers with apostrophes will come through.

Kind regards,
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