Excel DB in Noventri Suite

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Excel DB in Noventri Suite

Post by ivannavp »

I am trying to create (dynamic pages) of our employees daily efficiency. In Noventri we can see the numbers round up to the nearest tenth. However, for some odd reason, only several of the employees are showing about 6-8 numbers after the decimal point :| . Nothing is different. Same excel spreadsheet same formula. I've already tried creating a page for said emplooyes again, changed columns and such, but it keeps showing up the same way. Anyone ever had a similar issue or might have an idea as of to why this is happenning?


Re: Excel DB in Noventri Suite

Post by Martin-Noventri »

Hello ivannavp,

Thanks for your post.

In the excel sheet, make sure the cell formatting (ex. Number, Currency, Date...)is the same for each of the cells you are pulling data from. It may be that the cells in question have a different format than the ones that are displaying as desired.

Also, are you using any select statements in Noventri Suite?

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