Failing netowork after powercut

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Failing netowork after powercut

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I have 8 SF-100e devices on a network that has been suffering a few powercuts.
I assume the SF-100e units are restarting before the local network switches.
So after each powercut all 8 units take a 192.168.x.x address ...and stay there.
They do not goto a dhcp address when its available.
Is there anyway to make them automatically drop the 192.168.x.x. address once dhcp is available.
as it is after a powercut someone has to tour the site restarting the units individually.
David L
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Re: Failing netowork after powercut

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The Noventri SF-100e player will look for a DHCP address when booting up.
If they cannot obtain one, they will default to This address was selected to allow administrators to configure their player on different types of networks. Using this IP address, you are able to connect to the SF-100e player and configure it for their specific network.
Once logged in, there is also an option to reboot the SF-100e when they are mounted in hard to reach locations.

We have seen the problem you are experiencing in facilities where power fluctuations cause many clients on the network to reboot at once and request a flood of IP addresses from the DHCP server that can't handle them fast enough or is in the process of rebooting itself. This causes the players to time out before getting DHCP assigned address.

Because of the nature of these devices there is currently no way to have players drop their address and obtain a new one when it becomes available. This can be resolved by configuring your players to use a static IP address. If you need help with these settings, please let me know. If Static IPs are not available, most DHCP servers will allow you to reserve IPs and then you can set them to static. Setting the players to static IPs will also have a substantial benefit of a much faster boot time.

There is also a very slight possibility that the power fluctuation causes the player to not fully reboot. This is unlikely and setting the players to a static IP will tell you if this is the case.

Please make sure that you are running the latest version of the Noventri Suite Software, since there have been some improvements in the firmware.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please let me know.

Kind Regards,

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