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Dynamic pages bugs - software update or practical workaround

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:29 pm
by blessingscm
A couple weeks back I implemented dynamic pages so that I could more easily and practically manage our slides which have some slides which stay active all the time, others which appear only for a few days and others which only stay in for 1 day. I created a basic Access database with the path to the image along with a start and end date for the slide to display. This part works great and updates very smoothly if you open the project and step through the slides in the sequence timeline. The images all work and all is well... until the time comes for the players to actually change their content based on the database.

Numerous times slides which are supposed to drop off continue to display and new slides which are supposed to start fail to appear. This is killing the value of the dynamic pages for me.

When I spoke with tech support they told me:
1. There's an update coming very soon which should correct this behaviour.
2. I should be able to force a refresh by manually deleting the Work\Content\<RandomName> directory on the server.

Here's the ongoing problem:
1. The promised software update has still not arrived.
2. Deleting the directory only causes the players to all display a blank screen. I have to manually open each project, make a small change and then publish them to the server to get the players to properly refresh.

Is there any chance of either 1. the software update which corrects this being available soon or 2. a work around which I could script to run late at night when our TVs are off which I could implement on the server? I'm happy to schedule a batch file or something to run if that would force this to work properly.


Re: Dynamic pages bugs - software update or practical workaround

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:49 am
by mark_anderson_us
I seem to have a similar problem all of a sudden.

At bottom of my page it tells me X of Y pages, but it's no longer cycling through the pages