Updated to 2.2 players not connected

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Updated to 2.2 players not connected

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I upgraded to 2.2 now all but 1 of my players are disconnected and will not reconnect. Any ideas?
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Re: Updated to 2.2 players not connected

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We have saw a few rare occurrences of this issue after upgrade.

Often the players catch the connection issue and reboot themselves. If they do not, and are still reporting disconnected:

This issue is typically remedied by manually rebooting the disconnected players. Simply unplug the power supply from the player, wait a few moments, and plug the player back in. The player should then go through the boot process and display the IP address on the screen momentarily, followed by content playback. At this point you should be able to check back in the server and see the player reporting connected.

If this does not fix the problem, please let us know and we will look into this further.
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