Touch Screens?

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Touch Screens?

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I have been using an SF100e in our lobby for a while now and it has been working great so far.

I have been wondering though about adding touchscreen functionality for something such as wayfinding for guests or to have an interactive calender of sorts. The way we are currently using the SF100e is working completely fine, however I think touchscreen functions would be a cool way to engage visitors to spend more time here.

Do you support touchscreen functions?

If so, will I need to buy some other type of special display?
Robb M
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Re: Touch Screens?

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Thank you for posting to our forum!

The SF-100e does not support touch screen. We chose not to support touch screen on the SF-100e because our clients found that touch screen systems are costly, complicated, germ-spreading, and generally less effective. They do need a special (and usually more expensive) LCD display and player. The content for touch screens is much more difficult to create, and because of the increased complexity, you will have decreased reliability.

Touch-screen systems are for one-on-one communications and they require the user to interact with the screen to get information. Touch screens are dirty and germ-spreading, and they can form a line of people where a line is not required. While touch screen might make sense for smart phones and other personal interaction devices - they just don't make sense for digital signage.

For these reasons, we have chosen not to support touch screen at this time.
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