USB Serial cable?

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USB Serial cable?

Post by Linas »

I am using a usb to serial cable from tripplight and it seems to not work
will not shut down my NEC monitor?
is there some configuration a need to do to get the USB to work?
Sergey K

Re: USB Serial cable?

Post by Sergey K »

Hello Linas,

There are many brands of usb to serial cables that may or may not work. Most usb to serial cable should work but we have only tested a few. Depending on the type of cable you have, you may need to use a null modem cable. This makes the straight cable into a cross-over cable for data communication. Once the usb is connected to the SF-200 and the null modem connected to the monitor, you should be able to send commands.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Kind Regards,
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