Page Expiration - Video Tutorial

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Page Expiration - Video Tutorial

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Hello All,

This video shows how to use the Page Expiration feature of Noventri Suite.


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In this tutorial, we will take a closer look at the Page Expiration feature of Noventri Suite. This feature allows you to schedule the start and end time of a specific page from a sequence.

For example, the HR department at a manufacturing facility may need to announce an upcoming event. Maybe it is a mandatory safety meeting, a LEAN group Conference or as in this case, a company sponsored social event scheduled for June 17. We will have it display on our digital communication screens from June 2 through the 20.

Here we have the page for the company event. In the Design tab, click on Edit Sequence. Select the sequence that the event page will be added to. Add the page to the sequence. Click on the page in the Sequence timeline to highlight it. Notice that the page information now appears in the Sequence Entry Properties panel. There are several setting here, but we are going to focus on this section.

First, click the Set Play Boundaries checkbox . Enter the desired start date and time that we would like the page to begin playing. That will be June 2, and we will have it start at 6:30. Then enter the expiration date, which will be June 20 and the time for when we would like the page to discontinue playing. After the desired times are set, save the project and upload it to the server. With the scheduling complete, the page is now set to start and expire at the predetermined times.

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