SF-100e doesn't show in player list

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SF-100e doesn't show in player list

Post by kgarner »

We can connect to the sf-100e via the web browser, so the network connection appears to be good.
The server and suite software are both running on the same PC, which has a static IP.
The sf-100e reboots from the web browser after changes are made, but it never shows up in the player list in the suite software.
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
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Trent S
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Re: SF-100e doesn't show in player list

Post by Trent S »

Hello kgarner,

This could be a caused by a number of things. If your local computer has a static IP, you can connect to the player via a web browser, and Noventri Server is currently running, check the following:

- First, make sure that the 1GB thumb drive that came supplied with SF-100e is plugged into the USB port on the SF-100e player.

- Next, in the "Noventri Server" field of the SF-100e configuration (in the web browser), make sure that you have entered the IP of the computer that Suite and Server are installed and running on, and make sure that it is immediately followed by the port 20940. (as an example: Push the "submit" button to save these changes.

- Also in the SF-100e configuration, ensure that the Gateway, DNS and Subnet fields are equal to the Gateway, DNS and Subnet on your PC that Suite and Server are installed on. Push the "submit" button to save these changes.

- If all of the above have been checked and are set correctly, and your player doesn't show up, add port 20940 TCP and 20940 UDP into your Windows Firewall port exceptions. Noventri Server uses these ports to communicate with the SF-100e players.

If the SF-100e does not immediately show up, disconnect from the Server (in the top menu: Server >> Disconnect) and reconnect inside of Suite. Within a few minutes, the SF-100e should show up in the Manage tab of Noventri Suite.

These steps can also be found in the Quick Start Guide found here: http://www.noventri.com/eco/pdf/SUITE_A ... _GUIDE.pdf

If you have any additional issues and would prefer to speak over the phone, feel free to call 1-800-359-1858 ext. 219 to reach me directly. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you, and thanks for your inquiry!
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