Copy A Project Page - Noventri Suite Tutorial

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Copy A Project Page - Noventri Suite Tutorial

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Hello All,

This video shows how to copy a project page in Noventri Suite.


To view video from a mobile device, click here.

When designing a project in Noventri Suite that will have a reoccurring theme throughout the pages in the project, it can be advantageous to be able to copy a page.
In this example every page in our project is going to contain the same background image as well as the company logo and also a weather widget. These elements will be in the same position on every page in our project. So with our elements placed into a page, there are three different ways that we can copy this page to make multiple instances of it.

First in the pages panel, select a page, and then with it highlighted, we will right click and choose copy. Then right click and choose paste. This will create a new instance of the page. You can also do the same by selecting edit from the menu toolbar, selecting copy and then selecting paste.

The preferred method is to use keyboard shortcuts. With the page selected, on the keyboard just do Control C for copy and Control V for paste. So after copying the page with the shortcut, we can continue to press Control V until we have created enough instances of the page that we want.

So here in a short period of time we have been able to add ten pages to our project and each of them have the same elements and reoccurring theme. Next simply open each page and add any graphical elements, text and database regions and we very quickly have built a ten page project that has a reoccurring theme.
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Re: Copy A Project Page - Noventri Suite Tutorial

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My system is not allowing this to work.
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