Powerpoint Paste Not Working Properly

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Powerpoint Paste Not Working Properly

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I am having a problem with loading powerpoint slides today... Because of how the slides display when I put weather to the left of a slide, I load them into a 720x480 project and copy the image from there to a 1920x1080 project. That way, it fills the screen to the right of the weather widget we have on each page.

So I have two new slides I needed to add today. When I add just one, it works fine. When I added the other one, it displays properly on my machine in the project. However, it does not display properly when I push it to the server. Depending on whichever slide is loaded second, both of the slides display that one PPT. So if one is for a company outing and the other is for Father's day, they either both display as the outing or both show Father's day in the sequence. Now matter how many times I remove and re-add the slides, I cannot get the project to show the proper sequence.

Any suggestions? I looked for the PNG files on the server, but couldn't find what was wrong. Thanks in advance.
Ralph M

Re: Powerpoint Paste Not Working Properly

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Hello clabedz,

Thank you for your post. Working with PowerPoint slides is different than working with image files. We will like to contact you to gather more information about your workflow and to understand your needs. Thanks again.

Kind Regards,

Ralph McIntyre
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