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Schedule Timing

Post by CindyH »

I have two projects that I need to put on one schedule. The first runs continuously throughout the day. The 2nd is a video that runs only 2 times a day. The video is only 6 minutes long and since it only runs 2 times a day I had to put on a project by itself. The issue I am having is when I try to schedule it, the shortest schedule block is 15 minutes so I can not cut it off after it plays and go back to the 1st project. Is there a way to default the time of the schedule to the time of the project?
Sergey K

Re: Schedule Timing

Post by Sergey K »

Hello CindyH,

Welcome to the Noventri Forum and thank you for providing us feedback on the first video release version 2.12 of Noventri Suite.

At this time, there is no way to insert a sequence less then 15 minutes. This was not required in previous versions because the pages always rotated in a loop and made no difference how short the sequence block was in the Schedule tab. This is also our first versions of Noventri Suite that includes the ability to play video pages. We will forward your request to our development department to consider adding this enhancement to a future release of Noventri Suite.

Please let me know if you have any questions or additional suggestions.

Kind Regards,
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