Noventri Offers Reliable Automated Events for Hotels Replacing Windows 7 Digital Readerboards

Nov 19, 2019

Windows 7 is coming to end of life. As of January 2020, Microsoft will no longer support or provide security updates to the Windows 7 operating system. Hotels currently using Windows 7 and other older systems to run digital signage readerboards and door cards are scrambling for a robust and reliable upgrade. Without a replacement, legacy systems using Windows 7 will become a security threat to hotel networks.

Enter NoventriWindows 7 Readerboard

The security risks posed by Windows 7 require the immediate attention of affected hotels. With over 20 years of experience securely displaying event data at hotels, Noventri delivers a reliable system that is a perfect replacement for Windows 7 digital signage players. Noventri displays events automatically from property management systems (PMS) such as Marriott CI/TY, Amadeus Delphi and Delphi FDC, and STS, and from event management systems. The Noventri SF-200 Digital Signage Player offers robust, secure, and reliable digital signage functionality. Hotels that upgrade to Noventri SF-200 Players will not have to worry about Windows 7 failures, weekly updates, or security threats.  

For hotels, conference centers, casinos, and universities, Noventri pulls event data and displays it on digital lobby readerboards and door cards (door side graphic displays). Noventri shows group names, meeting types, and event times based on schedules. Hotels can add a group’s logo or a group’s full screen image to digital door cards through an easy-to-use online portal. Hotel staff can also easily add advertising to digital readerboards and door cards. A forerunner in automated event data, Noventri is trusted by Marriott, Delta Hotels, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, DoubleTree, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin, Aramark, Crowne Plaza, Renaissance, W Hotels, Wyndham, and many others. 

In addition to pulling event data from Marriott CI/TY, Amadeus Delphi and Delphi FDC, STS, and all other PMS’s, Noventri shows restaurant menu data from foodservice databases such as FoodPro. Changes to menus and digital signage update automatically from databases or can be made from an intuitive online portal. Noventri can also provide flight information, social media posts, news feeds, advertising spaces, weather forecasts, and emergency alert systems.

Noventri Has Hotels Covered

If your hotel digital readerboards and door cards are running on a legacy system dependent on Windows 7, then upgrading to Noventri will provide the security and reliability that you need. Contact Noventri today to discuss your requirements.

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