Clock Stutter

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Clock Stutter

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Has anyone seen an issue with Noventri where the display on the design tab shows the time correctly, but when it displays, the time shows incorrectly? I am seeing a stutter with the "PM" so it will display "November 19, 2014 2:00 PMM". I have tried a few different clock objects, but they all stutter. I tried different fonts, and it still stutters. I don't know what is causing this to display on the board differently than it displays on the design tab. It was also duplicating the time twice, even though the custom field only had the following: %B %d, %Y %l:%M %p

Please help! We are scheduled to have this on our lobby board by Monday and I was hoping to have this resolved by then.

Re: Clock Stutter

Post by Martin-Noventri »

Hi clabedz ,

Does the project resolution and the player resolution match each other? This is vital for clock appearance.

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