Player not showing up in list

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Player not showing up in list

Post by vagreville »

I have a brand new SF-200 set up and configured as normal through the browser interface, but it isn't showing up in the suite. We've rebooted the box several times, and nothing seems to help? Any ideas? BTW, this would be the 16th player on our system. It's not like we haven't had success with setting these up.
Sergey K

Re: Player not showing up in list

Post by Sergey K »

As a followup to our forum members, this issue has been resolved. For anyone else having trouble getting the player connected to Suite, the following are some suggestion to try.

Confirm that the player can access the address typed in the NOVENTRI SERVER field. To check, click the "Verify" button on the right side. A new window will popup and if the server can be reached, will contain the following:
  • Host Pingable: YES
    Port Connectable: YES
If the server cannot be reached, double check your firewall/anti-virus settings. Both of these can be disable temporarily to test the players ability to connect. If the player shows up in Suite now, the proper exception will need to be added to the blocking software.

Additionally, check to make sure the usb drive is fully plugged in. You can remove the drive, then re-insert it again to make sure its all the way in.

If the above tips do not get your player connected, please contact for technical support.

Kind Regards,
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