Sequence using a "Drop folder"

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Sequence using a "Drop folder"

Post by matdaut »


I have a drop folder with 20 images. I created a new page using an image using the "drop folder" feature. I added this page to a new sequence for 30 seconds. I then assigned this sequence to one of my display and everything works fine: The 20 images are displayed one by one every 30 seconds.

Now I want to do a more complex sequence: every 3 images, I would like to display a fixed one (like our logo). So I created a new sequence, referencing 3 times the page I created earlier, each time for 30 seconds. And then I added my fixed page as a fourth page in the sequence. So the total duration is now 2 minutes. When I apply that sequence to one of my display, it does not work as intended, I never see the fourth page (the fixed image). Please help.

Sergey K

Re: Sequence using a "Drop folder"

Post by Sergey K »

Dynamic pages work a little differently then static pages. They must roll out the entire page set before the next page (dynamic or not) will display on the screen.

In your example, you have 3 Dynamic pages that are 30 seconds each, and one Static page, also 30 seconds.

The sequence would look like the following:

With this sequence, the first Dynamic page will show 20 images at the 30 seconds duration, then once complete, will start on the seconds Dynamic page, showing its 20 images and 30 seconds as well, next the last Dynamic page will display its 20 images at 30 seconds each, and finally the Static page will show up for just 30 seconds.

At this rate, you would have to wait 1,800 seconds (30 minutes) before the Static page will display for 30 seconds before the process start over again.

The option to unroll just one page from a dynamic page set may become available in a future release of Noventri Suite.

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