Can't see player

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Re: Can't see player

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I made some exceptions in the anti-virus and it didn't seem to make a difference. The usb drive was seated properly and the server info is correct on the player and the server has a static IP.

I did, however, swap out the player with one of a pair that I recently received. It came with a different USB dongle than the one I've been working on. This pair has a note "DO NOT REMOVE" sticker on the dongle itself, while the other just looks like a normal compact USB drive.

See the pic below... is it possible that I have a "sneakernet" only USB drive for the device on the right? If so, is it possible to swap it out?

Just a note also, I did have a standalone project on this device previously just as a test. I wouldn't think that would make a difference, but just something else I could think of that might prevent it from displaying properly.


The newly installed player (like the one on the left) picked right up and is displaying properly.
Thanks for the patience and all the help. Any further info appreciated.
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Re: Can't see player

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Hello sirluke34,

If you've had a previous standalone project running on the player, you'll need to power off the player and pull out the USB drive to re-format it. You can do this by plugging the USB drive into a PC, right-clicking on the drive, and clicking "format."

This is simply to clear the Sneaker-Net project off of the drive.

Once it has been formatted, plug it back in to the player and power the player back on.

This should fix your issue.

Regarding the two different USB drives - we recently started using another provider, but other than that, there is no difference between the two.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help!

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