What are Dynamic Pages in Noventri Suite?

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What are Dynamic Pages in Noventri Suite?

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What are Dynamic Pages?

Warning: Dynamic Pages are an advanced feature of Noventri Suite that was recently released in version 2.2. Only users with a preexisting knowledge of project creation and basic design features should use Dynamic Pages.

Download the newest version of Noventri Suite here!

The Dynamic Pages function can simplify the display of large amounts of information. It can also simplify the display of information that is frequently changed. Dynamic pages enable this by allowing a page to be populated and repopulated with data that is stored outside of the page itself, creating or deleting pages as necessary to display the information.

In some respects, Dynamic Pages are to Noventri Suite what a form letter would be to a word processor. Instead of creating page after page that, but for a few changes to a text region and/or an image region, would be nearly identical to one another, you could create one page that would be formatted to accommodate those changes. Using the Dynamic Pages function, Noventri Suite would then automatically create or delete pages so that only those needed to display the new information exist.

Example uses of Dynamic Pages:

e.g. 1 – A sequence of pages acts as the workplace’s display calendar, cycling through a series of upcoming events. The user creates only one page containing a text region. When played, that region is formatted to be populated with several calendar events per page, spawning a new page until there are no remaining calendar events in the source material, before repeating the cycle. While new information for upcoming months will need to be entered into the source document, the new pages needed to accommodate this information can be as detailed as the previous ones without having to be created manually.

e.g. 2 – Linked to the appropriate database, a schedule of airline flights complete with accompanying logos and up-to-the-minute flight times populates the corresponding text and image regions of a dynamic page layout. Pages are automatically created as an increasing number of flights are scheduled, and are automatically deleted as a decreasing number of flights are scheduled.

e.g. 3 – A manufacturing warehouse allocates one of their displays for the use of inventory. This display screen shows a listing of various items in the inventory accompanied by a picture of the item and the corresponding quantity of such items currently in stock. Because the display is linked to the database of inventory items, the display is updated whenever the database is updated. Using their familiar database software, the employee(s) responsible for inventory can simply change or remove the quantities entered in the database, without having to create or delete pages from within Noventri Suite .

… and there are many more! Use of Dynamic Pages can be tailored to your individual needs, and the uses are only limited by your own imagination!

A link to a draft version of the Dynamic Pages documentation has been added to the Official Manuals section below:

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