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Server piece

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Is there a way that you can run the Server piece as a service so someone doesn't need to be logged in?
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Trent S
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Re: Server piece

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Yes, Server can be ran as a service.

You can follow the link below to download the Noventri Server Service Installer:

Noventri Server Service Installer

Once you download the msi file, go ahead and un-install Noventri Server.

Next, install the Noventri Server Service Installer.

After the Service is installed, go ahead and re-install Noventri Server as you had it before. Start Server, and make sure that the "Start Automatically" is not checked. Then, you can close Server and start the Noventri Server Service from the Windows Services window. You should not have the Server logo (orange gear) in your system tray.

Thank you, and let me know if you need any assistance getting it up and running.
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Re: Server piece

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I have gone through these steps twice and cannot find the Noventri Server Service in the Windows services. I am trying to run this on Windows Server 2008.

Sergey K

Re: Server piece

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Hello hrt,

We have released a newer version of Noventri Suite. This installer has the service feature built into the Server installer, which can also manage multiple servers at once. The latest version can be found here and the change logs on this post.

Let us know if you need any assistance with the new software.
Thank you
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