"How to" Project Question...

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"How to" Project Question...

Post by clabedz »

Greetings. I needed help with an issue. We have different product lines and the Noventri boards are (or will be) in place at the end of each line.

There are common pages that must display across the different projects, and we are looking for the easiest way to implement/maintain these projects. Let's call the three product lines Widgit1, Widgit2, and Widgit3.

The display will show the following in a loop:
Widgit1 Stats - HR Meeting Notice - Widgit1 Stats - Weather
Widgit2 Stats - HR Meeting Notice - Widgit2 Stats - Weather
Widgit3 Stats - HR Meeting Notice - Widgit3 Stats - Weather

Do I need to create a different project for each product line or is there a way to dynamically select the stats based on the board and it's location?

Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you.
Sergey K

Re: "How to" Project Question...

Post by Sergey K »

Hello clabedz,

This is a great question and we have a very simple solution for you.
For this scenario, I would suggest creating a single project to allow you to make quick and easy changes to your content.

An example of this project would look something like this:

PROJECT NAME: (create a project)

Code: Select all

Product Line
PAGES: (create these page names)

Code: Select all

Widget1 Stats
Widget2 Stats
Widget3 Stats
HR Meeting Notice
SECQUENCES01: (add these 4 pages in this order)

Code: Select all

[Widget1 Stats] [HR Meeting Notice] [Widget1 Stats] [Weather]
SECQUENCES02: (create a new sequence, and add these 4 pages in this order)

Code: Select all

[Widget2 Stats] [HR Meeting Notice] [Widget2 Stats] [Weather]
SECQUENCES03: (create another sequence, and add these 4 pages in this order)

Code: Select all

[Widget3 Stats] [HR Meeting Notice] [Widget3 Stats] [Weather]
Once you have created your pages and added the desired pages to each of the 3 sequences, publish your project to the server.
Select your project from the "Project on Server" drop-down in your Schedule tab(you should now see 3 sequence tiles below). Select the player that will be playing Sequence01 from the drop-down list on the right. Now click the Sequence01 tile in the left panel to create a schedule entry. After the schedule had been set, assign it to the player, type in a schedule name, and click Save.

After the schedule is assigned to that player, use the Clear Workspace button at the bottom to remove the recently assigned schedule. Select your second player, click the Sequence02 tile, and create your second schedule. Follow the same steps for the last player. You can add additional pages or create more sequences as needed.

Remember, if you add more pages or add/remove sequences, you will need to republish your project. If a player's schedule does not change, you will just need to republish the project.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you need me to clarify anything.

Kind Regards,
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