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Best Practice

Post by rlhumphrey »

During some of our testing me and another person were both testing Noventri and I discovered that the 2 of us went about things completely differently. I for instance would create one project, with all my slides/photos/pages etc and publish using one schedule etc.. sort of an all in one solution. The other user would create many small projects and publish and link them all together and have many different schedules on the timeline for different projects.

Is one way better than the other? Does Noventri behave better one way or the other?
Im just trying to determine the most optimal way of doing this so we have the least amount of issues.

Sergey K

Re: Best Practice

Post by Sergey K »

Hello rlhumphrey,

Both workflows have their benefits depending on the way you use your signage and how frequently the content needs to be changed.

Single project that contains a lot of pages:
This generally makes updating more simple as you only work on a single project. There will also be less bandwidth usage between the server and player when pages are updated with newer content. The player will only have a single project to monitor and only use the pages defined in the sequence. Multiple sequences can be created for day-parting and organized for different events. If the page count continues to increase as the project grows, it would be best to split the project into smaller projects.

Multiple small projects that contains a few pages:
Having a few small sized projects can be used similar to the way sequences divide up events in a single project. Fewer pages make publishing quicker and update are generated faster. Multiple users or departments can be assigned to work on their own project instead of accessing one large project. Having well created smaller project are easier to update as it is easier to replace content when there are fewer pages to sort through.

These are just a few ideas to help you select a good starting workflow for your digital signage.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything further I can clarify.

Kind Regards,
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